Atlantic Gateway

What is Atlantic Gateway?

Atlantic Gateway is one of the most significant development opportunities in the UK to attract investment, accelerate growth and rebalance the economy. Focusing on the corridor between Liverpool and Manchester, Atlantic Gateway works with a number of key private and public sector partners on a number of agreed high profile priorities which are critical to driving growth and improving productivity across Atlantic Gateway and the Northern Powerhouse.

With a private sector led Board, it’s vision is to maximise investment into the Atlantic Gateway area and support the delivery of major projects by Local Enterprise Partnerships (Cheshire and Warrington, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester) and other key partners.

Atlantic Gateway has prioritised infrastructure, including transport, and tthe wo high growth sectors of logistics and science and innovation.

Atlantic Gateway prioritises high growth opportunities which have the greatest ability to transform long term economic success.  Atlantic Gateway is outward looking, and plays a critical role in:

  • influencing Government policy and investment decisions;
  • attracting investment;
  • supporting collaboration both inside and outside of AG; and
  • unblocking issues and barriers to investment.




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